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Website Redesigned

Yes it must be its birthday or something. Completely new layout. Looks modern. No more frames - all css. Enjoy. I have noticed though that IE6 doesn't render the layout correctly though so I've had to put in a few tweaks. Firefox and Opera seem to be fine. Any feedback on how it looks in other browsers would be great.
6th June 2009

XConsole 3.2

I've uploaded version 3.2. Player list is fully functional. Added some new commands and changed many of the ini settings formats. When you install this version please backup your old config files in case you need to go back.
12th Jan 2009


I've started working on having a player list on the right side of console (irc style). Double-clicking on a name will start spectating of the player. Admins will be able to kick and ban players using a rightclick menu instead of using dropdown boxes of player names. Screenshots are up in xconsole page. There are also 3 custom messages that can be given to players here which use 'admin say #'.

Also I've added a friendly fire tick box on the server tab. There seems to be a bug in UT whereby you can't set friendly fire scale when changing the map - it must be done afterwards. The only way that I've found to get around this is to auto-login as admin, set the ff scale, and then logout after the map change. Due to another bug in UWindows NotifyAfterLevelChange function I've had to use a timer to do this. This could cause problems - if the server changes map too slow, or the admin's PC doesn't connect fast enough then friendly fire scale won't be set. Also, it means leaving the console open with the server tab showing to do this.

If anyone would like to beta test these functions and give me some feedback that would be great. Contact me and I will send the relevant files. 26th July 2008

AntiNetHack v1.2

A small update. Now includes a .uz compressed file. 22nd July 2008

AntiNetHack v1.1

AntiNetHack stops people changing netspeed in-game. An exploit used in CTF. This update allows for people to be kicked if their netspeed is below a certain value. 22nd July 2008

XConsole v3.14rc2

New login system. Now passwords are saved for each server IP you are admin at and automagically entered into the login box. 30th May 2008

XConsole v3.14rc1

Update for UTDC v2.x. 28th May 2008

XConsole v3.12

Fixed some buggy buttons that couldn't be pressed. 1st Feb 2008

XConsole v3.11

Fixed a bug that logged in as admin when clicking in admin pass box with mouse. 27th October 2007

XConsole v3.10 Final

Well this has been waiting to be uploaded for long enough ;). Latest addition includes a demo tab. 14th July 2007

XConsole v3.01

A small fix that makes better support for commands when logged in using StealthAdmin. 8th February 2007

XConsole v3.00 is out

This version of XConsole adds a frontend for UTDC, a page for custom buttons and some new commands for League Assault. 7th February 2007

Stealth Admin mod added to files section

Stealth Admin allows you to log in/out in secret. This mod and NightAS below are based on mods created by a guy name Benjamin. You may know him by his experimental assault server where he uses the name Player1. 14th November 2006

Night Assault mod added to files section

Night Assault removes light from a map and equips you with a flashlight and flares. 14th November 2006

ServerLogLean Update

Updated ServerLogLean to keep track of players who change their names in-game. Added my Linux cache convertor scripts to files section. 10th March 2006

XConsole 2.86

Updates to 2.86:
+ Made kicking/banning system a little safer by adding 'Name:' as first item in list. + Fixed bug in LeagueAS page ban button. + Summoning pulse gun now works. 12th November 2005

XConsole 2.84

Couple of bug fixes. Additional button to LeagueAS tab. September 25th 2005

XConsole 2.83

Update to XConsole: added LeagueAS Moderators page, improved Admin and LeagueAS pages. September 23rd 2005


Small updates to ServerLog and ServerLog2K4. Minor bug fix to XConsole 2.82. October 9th 2004


Added ServerLog for UT2004 to files section. Updated both ServerLog and ServerLog2K4 to log player IDs. September 26th 2004

Two new mods

Added ServerLog and SniperHammerXloc Arena to files section. September 24th 2004

XConsole Version 2.81

Updated the UTPure SHowIDs button to the latest Pure version. August 18th 2004

XConsole Version 2.8

Added a button that quickly allows switching between playing/spectating and automatically reconnects to the server. August 17th 2004

XConsole Version 2.7

Added a bonus page - some fun stuff like summons commands etc. January 22nd 2004

XConsole Version 2.6

Now works as a front-end for UTPure, ASH and League Assault. Most commands can be made via buttons/dropdown boxes. Admin tab for fast server level changes etc. Individual Pages can be enabled/disabled via XConsole.ini. January 14th 2004

XConsole Version 2.5

Updated with much better HTML layout (IMHO) and support for CSS added. The 'style.css' file in the XLogs folder can be edited to your liking. January 10th 2004

XConsole Version 2.4

Updated to choose between logging in text or HTML. January 9th 2004

[PiP] Gaming Network

[PiPGN] has officially launched today. "The [PiPGN] is a gaming system in which automated ladders and tournaments are stored in and used. It is similar to ClanBase.com and IGLnet.com, but the intention is to redefine the term 'Gaming community'." Click - here - to go to the [PipGN] Website. June 18 2003

XConsole v2.2 + Assault Server Browser

Echo and Exo are back as keybind/exec commands. Also added an Assault server browser list. June 17 2003

Fragga Server Browsers

Click the Sniper Server link to see whos playing on Fragga #1 & 2, and the <[NBS]> Clan Server. May 31 2003

XConsole V2.1

Bugfix for macros saving/loading online Now in umod form, but still need to edit ut.ini because the UTs uninstaller doesn't reverse any changes here. May 30 2003

XConsole V2.0

Added 'Macros' page to load/save 10 different custom key configs. Checkout the XConsole page for installation/settings/commands help etc. May 20 2003

XConsole v1.25

Fixed a few bugs and seems to be running ok. Time to look at putting in some eog stats. Also put up a patch for v1.25 - note this is only for the tabbed page version - and fixes a bug that made some errors in UTs game log at startup. May 15 2003

Website up at last

Finally got round to it ^^ Best viewed on a rainy night with the lights out. Hope you like grey. May 15 2003