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XConsole Unreal Tournament Console 100KB XConsole.zip
The latest version of the console mod - change Teamsay colours, fast team change selector, game logger, turn on/off many types of console messages. Load/save 10 custom key macros. Easy Admin pages and frontend for UTPure, LeagueAS Moderator commands and League Assault CSHP.

Development version is here: http://www.unrealize.co.uk/testing/
Console Checker v1.0 release date 8th September 2008 5KB ConsoleChecker.zip
A protection against illegal consoles.
League Assault MatchMaker v1.0 release date 4th August 2008 2KB MatchMaker.zip
A mod to set up League Assault matches.
AntiNetHack v1.5c release date 29th August 2008 2KB AntiNetHack.zip
AntiNetHack makes people suicide who change netspeed in-game.
Defender Assault Tactics Mod v1.0 release date 20th Nov 2006 23KB Defender.zip
Defender is a mod to make/view Assault tactics.
Stealth Admin v1.0 release date 14th Nov 2006 2.9KB StealthAdmin.zip
Log in/out as admin in secret.
NoGuardiaCannon 1.4KB NoCannon.zip
Server actor that kills off the first auto-cannon in Guardia, same as on DOG server.
ServerLogLean v102 2KB ServerLogLean.zip
This is a stripped down version of the original server log which logs only names and IPs. This version also keeps track of name changes.
Linux cache convertors for UT99 and 2K4 2KB Cache.tar.gz
These are linux cache convertor scripts for UT99/2K4.
ServerLog v103 2KB ServerLog.zip
This is a server mod that logs all players joining a game on a map-by-map basis. Logs names, IDs, IPs, ports and netspeeds into csv (comma separated value) text files.
ServerLog2K4 v103 2KB ServerLog2K4.zip
UT2004 version of ServerLog, which also logs ID Hashes.
Suicidal v103 2KB Suicidal.zip
Prevents 'suicide' command or changing teams from taking a point from player in CTF and Assault.
Sniper Hammer XLoc Arena v100 2KB SniperHammerXlocArena.zip
This is a sniper arena mod which keep Impact Hammer and Translocator. With this you can HammerJump/Launch in Assault and XLoc in CTF and TDM.
Night Assault v1.0 release date 14th Nov 2006 6.5KB NightAs.zip
Play in the dark with flashlight and flares.
MooVoices v100 63KB MooVoices v100
Adds nali cow voices to UT2004.
Lamo Voice Changer v1.0 4KB VoiceChanger.zip
Amaze your friends and confuse your enemies. Be the first on your block to dress up as a woman and insult people with your favourite boss or skaarj insult, before headshotting them. All this can be yours with the lamo voice changer. Win friends and influence people. Do YOU have difficulty remembering those all-important dates? The wifes birthday? That meeting with the boss? Then lamo voice changer is for you   0_o